(San Antonio, TX) SandTech Solutions announced today that it has been awarded a GSA Multiple Award Schedule 70 contract by the United States General Services Administration (contract number 47QTCA18D00LD). This contract vehicle enables federal government organizations, along with other entities authorized to utilize the GSA Schedule contracts, to acquire SandTech products and services under pre-defined pricing and terms.

“This is a huge step forward for SandTech in continuing our reputation as the leader in cybersecurity and advanced cyber operations capabilities.”, said Greg McCulley, EVP of Cyberspace Operations for SandTech.  “Demand for reliable, assured cybersecurity services continues to skyrocket, and this award enables potential GSA customers to access our services more easily.”

SandTech pioneered AF Cyber Protection Team methodologies and capabilities, with foundational, ground-floor experience in establishing and fielding the AF’s initial teams.  Under its GSA Schedule 70 contract, SandTech was awarded the following Special Item Numbers (capabilities):

132 51 – Information Technology Professional Services
132 45A – Penetration Testing
132 45B – Incident Response
132 45C – Cyber Hunt
132 45D – Risk and Vulnerability Assessments

The final 4 SINs on this list (132-45A through 132-45D) represent the “Highly Adaptive Cybersecurity Services”, and only a handful of 8(a) companies (fourteen as of this writing) in the nation have earned all four HACS SINs. “This is truly a testament to the passion, focus, and experience of our SandTech Enablers,” says SandTech CEO and founder, Jose Sandoval.

Read more about the GSA’s HACS SIN program here: https://www.gsa.gov/technology/technology-products-services/it-security/highly-adaptive-cybersecurity-services-hacs

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