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June 5, 2020

SandTech Cares

Sandoval Technology Solutions (SandTech) CEO, Jose Sandoval, is taking care of his own during the COVID-19 pandemic. Many of our employees (“Enablers”) have spouses and/or children that work in other industries. Our SandTech families are impacted by health concerns, social distancing, and closing of non-essential businesses, just like everyone else. SandTech management noticed current events have been tough on families from both a financial and emotional perspective.

In response, Jose instituted the SandTech Cares initiative. SandTech Cares is a new program that empathizes with our employees and attempts to help them with their hardships. It is difficult to implement a single program that meets everyone’s needs. But the advantage of a small business is that our leadership team knows each Enabler, our corporate infrastructure is more flexible and responsive, and our organizational structure is not burdened by bureaucracy. In short, SandTech is better positioned to help employees than our larger competitors.

SandTech Cares provides bonuses to all SandTech Enablers to help free ease financial worries they and their families may be experiencing.  SandTech Cares was designed by Jose with no strings attached, no repayment agreements, and no longevity agreements, but only with the goal of helping alleviate any unexpected financial burdens. The bonuses won’t replace the income of a working spouse, but it will help.

Daily, Jose monitors the health and well-being of each SandTech Enabler. He reduced stress by offering to try help any Enabler with a personal situation that is not financial. For example, we have successfully negotiated some temporary work-from-home arrangements to help our Enablers take care of their personal responsibilities during COVID-19. We are finding Enablers can be as productive regardless of being in the office or at home.

Whether providing financial aid or emotional support, the goal of SandTech Cares is to help of our SandTech family members a little more during COVID-19. We help ease our Enablers’ emotional and financial burdens so our Enablers can stay focused on helping our customers. We will get through this pandemic together.