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June 8, 2020

SandTech’s COVID-19 Tech Security Measures

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Sandoval Technology Solutions (SandTech) engineers identified new and unique attacks that threatened our clients’ network, emails, and servers. In response, we proactively tailored improved defenses for our clients to detect and defeat the new attacks. Every current event, whether positive or negative, gives attackers opportunities to reorient their attempts to enter a company’s network and systems. Standard antivirus is simply not good enough to protect a company against sophisticated and targeted attacks. That is why SandTech provides tailored, active protection to each of its clients.

Our defenders eliminated new, potential threats to our clients by hardening each customer’s security posture to circumvent phishing attacks to include COVID-19 loan fraud. SandTech is also watching for attempts to gain access to personal information, such as someone who claims to need your staff’s information to trace COVID-19 contacts. The more an attacker can incite panic in a company, the greater his chances of penetrating its systems.

SandTech also fosters improved productivity – even in challenging work environments. SandTech quickly implemented capabilities to aid our customers’ employees to work from the safety of their homes, enabling businesses to stay operational during this pandemic. Just because employees are constrained by social distancing does not mean data cannot be safely shared. We helped businesses continue their work and provided user education and system tools to keep customer data secure.

Bolstering customer networks and laptops to defend against the latest social media attacks is just another example of how SandTech tries to do a little more than our customers expect. As businesses respond to COVID-19 threats by modifying their processes, systems, and work environment, SandTech adapts their defenses to the necessary changes. We all need to get through this pandemic together.